u are a garden and sadly i’m like 12 gardens or a greenhouse. i’m better

i keep accidentally falling asleep/

bae: come over no ones home
me: what games do u have
even tho im beautiful i still get self conches sometimes :/
fill out with mun information ;

                                     ABOUT THE MUN


General Appearance.  

name: pam
age: 12 1/2
date of birth: december 17
zodiac: sagittarius 
gender: cis female
eye color: idk theyre really light brown but demonic red in the sun
hair color: auburn
height: 5’2”
scars: i have a big scar on my stomach uhuhuhuh and one on my leg from shaving
burns: a l arge triangle on my elbow long story short my brother purposely burned me with a corndog pan
over weight: no
under weight: nah!


color: pink and yellow
hair color: orange
eye color: hazel
song: intro - the xx
movie: thirteen
t.v show: south park
food: egg rolls rofl
drink: dr pepper
video game: kingdom hearts prbly
place: ???SHRUGS
ice cream flavor: pistachio 

Have you…

had sex: no
had sex in public: no
gotten pregnant: no
kissed a boy: yes
kissed a girl: yes
gotten tattoos: no
gotten piercings: im gettin my septum done finally
smoked or drank: yes an no
had a broken heart: not? really
been in love: no
needed surgery: yep

Are you…

a virgin: yeah
a cuddler: i dont like being touched
a kisser: no??
scared easily: yeah
jealous easily: yes
trustworthy: i guess
dominate:  sweats profusely
in love: no
single: irs complicated
in a relationship: its complicated
considered mean: YEAH

Random questions.

have you harmed yourself: n
thought of suicide: /
attempted suicide: no
killed someone: pamela attempts mass murder
wanted to kill someone: bruh

who did you kiss last: codah
last text: “i stole your boyfriend” insert a picture of my friend posing with a spiderman banana plush 

drove a car: NO DRIVIGNG Scares me
have/had a job: no im 12
favorite soda/pop: dr pepper
do drugs: not really

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